Advertising appears in both the print and digital editions. Our current distribution (June 2023) we have 250+ print editions,200+ Online editions, plus many readers that enjoy the newsletter at local business’ The Augusta Breeze is advertising supported, normal issues are free to the public, and this comes at a great cost. Our Advertisers are instrumental in making a paper like this possible, and we appreciate all they do for us!

Standard Print Rates (as of 7/1/2023)

Please note, ad rates are subject to change. They are based on our current distribution and marketing demand. All rates on this page are open rates, contract rates may be lower depending on many factors.

Black & White Run of Paper ads – $4.00 per column inch, this is the best bang for your buck for advertising. Basically, these ads fill the small holes left in a paper when we put stories in. If no holes exist, your ad will be run as a normal display ad for no additional cost. Adding color is FREE!

Advertising Rates 7/1/2023 Range of Paper (Ad may be put anywhere in the paper, our discretion)

$4.00 Per Column Inch

1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Column6 Column
1 Inch$4.00$8.00$12.00$16.00$20.00$24.00
2 Inch$8.00$16.00$24.00$32.00$40.00$48.00
3 Inch$12.00$24.00$36.00$48.00$60.00$72.00
4 Inch$16.00$32.00$48.00$64.00$80.00$96.00
5 Inch$20.00$40.00$60.00$80.00$100.00$120.00
6 Inch$24.00$48.00$72.00$96.00$120.00$144.00
7 Inch$28.00$56.00$84.00$112.00$140.00$168.00
8 Inch$32.00$64.00$96.00$128.00$160.00$192.00
9 Inch$36.00$72.00$108.00$144.00$180.0$216.00

Website Ads

Website ads are currently suspended right now.

For more information:

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The fine print:

Color ads have no additional cost. Black and White or color, same price!

The Augusta Breeze reserves the right to refuse ANY ADVERTISEMENT, for ANY REASON.

Augusta Breeze provides simple ad production services, we will produce your mainly text ad for free, you will be sent a proof, and you will have up to 3 revisions. If you have particular colors that you require, you must supply Pantone® color codes, or PRINTED samples of the colors so we can color match. Photoshop work beyond basic resizing, and more advanced work, or if your ad requires special handling, and you will be billed on an hourly basis. Generally we try to keep design work to about $25, however complicated work will cost more. We are happy to work with your designer to insert your prepared ad at no additional cost.

Large format ads (greater than 1/4 page) that are on program may be required to skip an issue if we are out of inventory. Full price/prepaid ads have priority.

Note on our billing. Invoices for non-prepaid ads go out the first Monday of the month, or the 5th, whichever is first. Those invoices are due upon receipt, and any invoices not paid the following Tuesday (or the 12th, which ever is first) are delinquent. Delinquent accounts will have all ads stopped, lose any programs they are involved in, and will require prepayment of ads until we are satisfied they have credit worthiness for billing again. Accounts that are delinquent for over 30 days may be assigned to collection.