Augusta Boys Basketball

For the past few years, Augusta High School has not had enough high school boys for our sports teams and has opted to join with Fairfield High School. Starting in the 2023-2024 school year, the boys basketball team will come back to Augusta. Since 8th grade students can be included in all high school sports except football, we will have enough players to have our own basketball team next year. Since they can’t be included in football however, we will have to continue to co-op the football team with Fairfield longer until we can get more students grade 9 through 12.

Next year we will have a Junior Varsity basketball team, and the following year we will play Varsity schedule.

“Girls and boys will have a few different schedules, but with the students returning to Augusta, we can travel together for the most part, which is nice.” concluded Ms. Janette Arps.