Latigo & Lace Artist Showcase

This issue’s artist is Barb Eli. Barb is from North Dakota, lived in Ft. Shaw for about 33 years, and 3 years ago moved to Great Falls. She is a rope artist who creates not only baskets, but also lamps, mirrors, picture frames, and vases. Barb started creating baskets in 1996 using nylon rope and melting them together with a soldering iron. The only glue on these is to glue the embellishments on. The rope being melted together makes these items very sturdy. 20 years ago, the only color of rope was white, but there are so many colors today to add color to these projects. She does dye some of the ropes red and navy blue. Red ropes work great to add that festive look to holiday items.

Barb also makes crochet necklaces, which she has been doing for about 7 years now. She learned how to make these necklaces from a friend in Alaska. These are made with ribbon lace yarn, with sequins added for that extra sparkle. They are very lightweight with a decorative bead in the front to make them hang well and a pony bead clasp which you can slide for easy adjustments.

To see her work and many others, stop by Latigo & Lace at 122 Main Street in Augusta. While you are there, don’t forget to get some of the best coffee in town.