Submitting Stories or Information

There are several ways to submit stories or information that could be used to write a story. Augusta Breeze welcomes stories, however there a few things you should know.

  1. You must provide your name (real name) to submit a story, if you wish to submit an anonymous story, be aware, the story WILL NOT BE PRINTED unless we as an editorial staff, can stand behind it 100%. When a story is submitted anonymously, we become the face of the story, so if we can’t support it 100%, we will refuse it. Additionally any story accepted that is anonymous will become the property of Augusta Breeze, and you, by submitting it, agree to transfer any rights to Augusta Breeze with it’s submission.
  2. We will check your story. Facts will be checked, if we can’t find basis, we’ll ask you to show your source. Augusta Breeze is a resource for facts. Fictional stories shall not misrepresent any person or entity in any way, and shall be works of fiction. We accept very little fiction at this time.
  3. Plagiarism is never tolerated, generally we will not even allow rewrites of other stories unless you can show at LEAST a few different sources/references. We can only accept stories from their original sources.
  4. If a submission requires a large amount of editing for grammar, spelling, and/or fact checking, we may reject it until it’s cleaned up. If you want us to help you with that, we’re willing, but we’ll probably require a byline and equal rights to the story.
  5. If you just have information for a story, and would like us to write it, we will require credit and rights to the story. Once you submit your information, the story is no longer yours, you are a source, not the author of the story.

If you have made it though all that, and still would like to submit a story or information, there are several ways to do it. Persons wanting to remain confidential should generally call us (406) 604-0632 and we can meet and discuss the information confidentially. Persons may email us at or mail us at our postal address (About the Breeze page.)

Note, Augusta Breeze is not obligated to run any story, and is not obligated to pay any kind of compensation for stories without a signed contract. The Breeze is willing to discuss syndication of any story, rates are decided on a case by case basis.

The advertising Deadline is Friday 11am ad production deadline is Thursday at 5pm. Editorial (stories) deadline is Friday at Noon before Tuesday distribution.