Tom Summers Flooring

Tom Summers has been working with flooring since he was 11 years old. He grew up as the oldest of 6 kids, helping his dad with the family business. He has worked on the floors of several schools, including Augusta High School. The old section of the school is all hardwood and has all been refinished by Tom.

“In the 70’s people covered their floors with carpeting, and now they are pulling the carpet and fixing the hardwood,” explained Tom. “I have even sanded plywood floors and added a few coats of finish to them, and they look great.”

In 1995 Tom and his dad and brothers became friends with the Bouma family. They wound up trading a flooring install of about 2500 sq feet for property. After Tom retired, he decided to move out to that property where he and his wife Lori now reside.

Tom has been refinishing hardwood floors for about 40 years now. “I’m not into installing new construction, I just like to make an old floor look pretty,” replied Tom. The price is affordable at only about $3 per square foot, and the years of knowledge really shines through.

As you start preparing for spring cleaning and think those wood floors could use a little tender loving care, give Tom a call at 406-562-3527 and find out how he can help you make that floor look great.